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Balanced care focused on the doctor-patient relationship

Welcome to my practice.  I am a residency trained psychiatrist, and have held a license to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Virginia since 2000. 


Individualized care


I believe the most beneficial part of any psychiatric treatment is the relationship between the doctor and the patient.  This is true whether the treatment involves counseling, prescribed medication, or a combination of the two.

I will get to know you and learn what is important in your life.  Then we will work together to find the most effective way to improve whatever problems or concerns motivated you to seek treatment.

I am a solo-practitioner, meaning I am the only doctor working at this office.  This means you will never be seen by someone who doesn't know you or your story.  In addition, when you call the office, you will speak to me and no one else.  I will take your vital signs, and I will give you your bill. 

Most importantly, I will be the only person working with you during therapy, if you need and want it, as well as the person prescribing any medications that we agree are necessary. 


Collaborative Approach


Although I work alone, I strongly believe in communication with any other physicians you might have.  I will ensure your other providers know what we are doing medically, so they can help you make the best decisions for all your medical care.

If you have been seeing another therapist or counselor and only need me to prescribe you medication, I will be happy to work with that person as well.  In this way, the time you spend in talk therapy and the medication you are taking can work together to provide you the maximum benefit.

Privacy and Affordability


I believe a patient should have control over his or her health care decisions.  For this reason, I do not participate in any health insurance plans.  This means I am working for my patients, not their insurance companies.


This means you will never have to worry about a third party such as an insurance company employee reviewing your private medical and psychiatric information.  You will never have to wait for an insurance company to approve the treatment you and I have agreed upon.


This also means I am able to keep my fees low, because I do not have to pass any extra expenses on to you.  I do not have to pay the salaries of a  receptionist, nurse, insurance billing specialist, or other therapists, and I do not have to pay for a large office so they would have space to work. 


Instead, I am able to focus on one thing, which is helping you get better.   I believe this gives you the most value for your health care dollar.

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